Dr. Matthew Lieberman Testimonials

Testimonials About Our Brooklyn Dentists

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Brooklyn, New York. Read what our patients are saying about us below.


My wife and I have been going to Dr. Lieberman for years. Not only is he very flexible with his time, mornings/weekends etc, but he is a very gentle/compassionate man. I will be going to Dr. Lieberman for years to come and I always refer my friends in Park Slope to him.

- Carl H

I've been going to Dr. Lieberman for 8 or 9 years now and I've recommended him to all my friends and family. He's a great dentist, very thorough, and he makes a real connection with his patients. He has accommodating office hours (even on sunday!) and is always on time. Before I found Dr. Lieberman I dreaded going tot he dentist but now I actually look forward to it.

- Jason S.

I found Dr. Lieberman a few years ago on Yelp. At the time I had no dental insurance and had had a bad experience at NYU Dental Clinic. I have hereditary problems with my teeth and I needed someone who was good and I could trust. So I decided to research who was the best dentist in my area. He was the best reviewed dentist in Brooklyn and some people mentioned his office was very knowledgable about dental insurance in addition to being kind and efficient. I went in for an exam, and was immediately won over by how personable and professional he and his wife were. He ended up referring me to a specialist for the procedure I needed done, but I decided to make him my regular dentist and have not regretted it. His cleanings are a joy, he is quick and gentle, and Sunday appointments are the best. Also very knowledgable and fair regarding pricing and insurance. My wife has started going to Dr. Lieberman and she loves him too! Highly recommended.

- David B.

Moved back to Brooklyn and needed to find new dentist, doctor etc. Chose Dr. Lieberman based on the Yelp reviews for my first appointment: a cleaning and a filling repair. It's a bonus that he takes Sunday appointments. The office is small, on the main floor of a Park Slope brownstone. It's true, the office is not glass and steel office modern. But the equipment and his services should be the reason I choose the dentist, right?

I was shocked that he personally cleaned my teeth and took my x-rays. Usually that's what a dental hygienist does and then you see the dentist for 5 minutes after your cleaning as she/he looks over your teeth and x-rays. He is very very chatty and gregarious. I also liked that he was completely up front with me about costs for my procedures, what it would cost me out of pocket whether or not my insurance picked up the tab for a repair of a broken, recently done filling.

He is friendly, his service was very good and prompt, the hours are convenient and the location is great for me.

- Joel D.

My husband and 2 boys have been going to Dr. Lieberman for over four years. I can't say enough good things about him! He is such a lovely man and talented dentist! My family and I feel so lucky to have found him and to be able to rely on his care!

This week, my 16 year old began to complain about a tooth ache. He asked my husband and me to call Dr. Lieberman for him! We called the office, and Meryl, Dr. Lieberman's lovely wife who manages the office treated the situation very personally and seriously, getting our son an appointment that very next Sunday. She took great pains to fit us in on a very busy day for them! We knew that she went the extra mile, because she truly cares about our son and his well being and we appreciate it!

We have searched years for good doctors with little satisfaction and are very fortunate to have finally found such a uniquely caring, exceptionally skilled dentist that we can trust for as long as he practices!

I happen to be a very nervous patient when it comes to dental work, as I have actually experienced rather horrific dental situations and results! After visiting Dr. Lieberman for the last four years, I no longer fear the chair!!! A major break through! I never thought it possible in fact!

Dr. Lieberman takes a special interest in my boys as he does with all the families and individuals that come to his office! He is a very caring man and a wonderful, highly skilled dentist! He's very gregarious and makes everyone feel at home and as if you've known him for 20 years. He will never let you sit waiting!! A unique doctors office experience in a beautiful setting! Who knew dentist appointments could be fun?

- Heather S.